Google Alone Executes More Than Two Trillion Searches Every Year A Scale That We Can Barely Comprehend.

Christian J. Ward, partnerships lead at Yext, gave a webinar in partnership with Brighton SEO on How to Speak Search Engine, in which he looked at the current state of search and the problems inherent in how we produce the content that we expect search engines to find. Search has changed dramatically since Google first began indexing the web in 1998, both in scale and in nature. Google alone executes more than two trillion searches every year a scale that we can barely comprehend. Search, said Ward, is not just a process for a brand; its becoming the number one way that we interact with information generally. But the way that we search has changed, too. At a recent CMA Digital Breakfast , digital journalist Adam Tinworth remarked that Google is becoming much more of an answer engine than a search engine searches are increasingly phrased in the form of a question, and innovations like the Knowledge Graph and Featured Snippets aim to answer searchers questions without them needing to leave Google. We all want Googles answer engine to surface our content in response to searcher queries. One way to help ensure this happens is to write content that will satisfy questions that users might have when coming to our websites. But even once we have, how can we direct Google and other search engines to the content that will provide the best answer? Feeding baby Google To illustrate a problem inherent with the way that we approach content online, Ward used an image which has to be the best depiction of peak content that Ive seen so far.

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tech community At GMG, we are focused on growth and helping tech companies from all over the world change the way people and businesses communicate," said Leah Nurik, founder and CEO of Gabriel Marketing Group. McLean, Va (PRWEB) June 29, 2016 Gabriel Marketing Group (GMG) , the industrys leading technology marketing agency for disruptive companies, today announced its founder and CEO, Leah Nurik, has been named a winner of the SmartCEO 2016 Brava Award for Women in Business. The Brava Awards celebrate the distinguished achievements of 40 of Greater Washingtons top women business leaders. Nurik was selected for her involvement with the D.C. tech community and her charitable work in the community. I am honored to be recognized among so many other female business leaders, said Nurik. At GMG, we are focused on growth and helping tech companies from all over the world change the way people and businesses communicate. It is exciting to be included on this prestigious list of individuals. The Brava Awards recognize the achievements of top women business leaders and are selected based on company growth, community impact and mentoring. The winners will be profiled in the July/August issue of SmartCEO magazine and celebrated at an awards ceremony on July 7, 2016 at the Hilton McLean Tysons Corner. Brava winners possess the hallmark qualities of successful leaders vision, passion, compassion, dedication and perseverance.

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